Stamped Concrete Markham

Concrete is a universal building material for a reason, the simplicity of application, the dependence of a durable material, and the longevity that has seen everyone from the ancient Romans to the deli around the corner use in their construction, and Stamped Concrete Markham are specialists in bringing you the best of this material. For everything from your pool deck to your front curbs, you can depend on our professional offerings.

About Us
Stamped Concrete Markham has been in the concrete business in the Greater Toronto Area for a number of years, and has accumulated a level of skill and expertise with the material that only comes with such a storied level of experience. When choosing our company for your Stamped concrete needs, you can depend on us to bring the full weight of that experience to your specific needs, to bring you a finished product that you can depend on, and that will last you for years on your property. Whatever the application, you can depend on us for the best results.




Each of the services we bring to the Markham area are about delivering a new standard of quality when it comes to concrete work. Not happy with just providing a standard stir and set mixture onto your property, we have taken the concrete game and elevated it to an art form, to bring you truly unique finishes to your home concrete. From driveways to walkways, we are always bringing you the highest level of expertise when it comes to concrete. To find out more about our specific services, we invite you to read further below, or the corresponding service pages.

Concrete Driveways, Concrete Pool Decks, ​Concrete Walkways

Concrete Driveways

When one thinks of outdoor concrete, one of the first things thought of is driveways. This material has been used in this area of the property for decades, and for good reason. When you need a reliable material that can stand up to the rigors of every day use, and the Markham weather, than a Stamped concrete option brings you all of those benefits, with an added aesthetic appeal that will get noticed.

Concrete Pool Decks

Stamped Concrete Markham is your source for concrete pool decks in the Markham area, bringing you the finishing touch you need for your new pool, while providing a safe and dependable surface that you can move freely around. We aim to bring you the most benefits with any installation we undertake, and the chance to bring you safety and beauty in one task is a privilege that Stamped Concrete Markham takes seriously.

Concrete Walkways

Whether you’re looking for a path from the front yard to the back, or encircling a focal point on your property like a flower or herb garden, you can rely on Stamped Concrete Markham to bring you the pathway you need, in a style that is unique to your home. When choosing our service for your stamped concrete needs, you can be sure that we will bring you beauty and practicality that you can depend on for your home.

Concrete Patios and Backyards, Concrete Curbs and Sidewalks, ​Concrete Sealing and Maintenance

Concrete Patios & Backyards

A beautifully installed concrete patio on your Markham property can be the location of many gatherings, events, and days spent relaxing outdoors and enjoying the weather, and when choosing Stamped Concrete Markham for your installation, you can be sure that we work closely with you to bring you an end result that will be unique to your home, sealed and protected from the elements, and ready to stand up to all of your social engagements.

Concrete Curbs & Sidewalks

Bringing you the means of protecting your property edge from snowplows, edge trimmers and street sweepers, the right curb and sidewalk installation can truly finish the look of your home, and Stamped Concrete Markham is here with the professional installation you need to have the perfect accent piece brought to your Markham property, that will stand up to the rigors of every day life, and the constantly shifting elements of Markham’s weather.

Concrete Sealing & Maintenance

When you choose a beautiful and unique stamped concrete option from Stamped Concrete Markham for your home, then taking advantage of the techniques used to protect that installation can be wise. At Stamped Concrete Markham we bring you the means to lock in the aesthetic appeal of your stamped concrete installation, and to bring you r concrete added protection from the elements and everyday use, to ensure you can enjoy the benefits of our installation for many years to come.


At Stamped Concrete Markham we know that communication is a big part of a working relationship, and we aim to bring you a means of contact with our professionals that is simple and effective. This is why we make the process as easy as possible, in that when you call in, we answer. Bringing you the information you need to make an informed decision on your properties future is a responsibility of our company, and one we take seriously. We want you to walk away from our services with a smile on your face and an appreciation for our efforts.

“We contacted Stamped Concrete Markham to have our driveway done after seeing the work they did with our neighbors. The result is great, the same level of quality, but a different appearance so that our copying of the neighbors work wasn’t overly obvious.”
– Grant D.

“After having our driveway done by Stamped Concrete Markham we opted to have the full sealing done. We weren’t sure what it would entail, but were aiming to protect our investment. Their service was quick and precise, and gives us an added layer of protection to our new driveway.”
– Jason U.

“After having our pool installed, we called Stamped Concrete Markham for a patio installation. Their professionals were great, and discussed texturing with us after noticing we had kids to ensure that they wouldn’t slip when running around the pool. We really appreciate their level of investment to their craft, and definitely recommend them.”
– Mallory S.